Mission & Vision

Our Target


To assist students in gaining training and knowledge to build their capacity and make them employable and independent. To provide ample employment opportunities to the trained youths. To facilitate entrepreneurship by providing marketing, sales, know-how, financial support to the trained and qualified youths.To train one million youth, as per “National Occupational Standards” set by various national and state governing bodies.


To provide premium quality learning opportunities focusing on education and research to build a strong workforce which can contribute towards overall development of the country.


- Encouraging innovation
- Respectable life & dignity
- Integrity
- Freedom to learn & grow

  • Head Office:

    Main Road Alampur Bazar, Inside of Petrol Pump, Alampur, Dist-Rohtas, PS-Sheosagar, Sasaram Bihar-821113

  • Branch Office:

    Priya Computer Institute, Main Road Raipu Chor, Dist-Rohtas, PS-Sheosagar, Sasaram Bihar-821113

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  • Contact:

    7004711806, 8862873929

  • Opening hours

    7am-7pm Mon - Sat